I don’t believe in trying to improve God’s original design so if being a real gardener means planting ornamental varieties of exotic nursery-bred plants, than I am PROUD to NOT be a “REAL” gardener. I’ll stick to the joy of restoring habitat for God’s creatures and pray for the “REAL” gardeners who obviously think only of themselves! My wildlife garden was successful with Attract Backyard Garden Wildlife, thank you so much.

Sam William February 22, 2017

This is a very good list. There are even other ways of gardening for wildlife that we often don’t think about. Bare soil is beneficial to a number of insects which, in turn, benefit the garden. Some pollinators and some predators (good biocontrols) need bare soil; just a spot here and there can make a difference. Thank you very much, Attract Backyard Garden Wildlife whole team.

Rony Wilson April 10, 2017

I can’t wait to get a house again. Then, I’m going to build a pond for fish and other wildlife. I am very happy to get such garden and the credit goes to Attract Backyard Garden Wildlife. Thanks!

Rony Wilson April 12, 2017

I am very thankful towards Attract Backyard Garden Wildlife, our yard was just certified as a wildlife habitat. I love hosting wildlife and watching it. I often feel so fortunate to be able to enjoy their presence. My next project is to add more milkweed. Thanks for the best project work.

Nova Walkins July 24, 2017