Bees Are Beautiful in the Wildlife Garden

Jan 5, 2018 by

Bees Are Beautiful in the Wildlife Garden

We hear so much about how the bees are in trouble, but most people don’t realize that most of this discussion centers around honeybees, which are non-native to this country, but have been imported heavily for use in agricultural pollination, and are now seeing great declines dues to colony collapse disorder.

We need to wake up to the fact that many of our native bees are also in great trouble due to habitat loss, pesticides, and other actions by humans.

Some of our team members have written about the lack of bees in their wildlife gardens with great worry. Ursula Vernon mentioned the lack of bees in her habitat garden, and Karyl Seppala has also written about the fact that she wasn’t seeing any native bees in her wildlife garden.

The truth is, our wildlife gardens are one of the last lines of defense to protect these native pollinators. We can create habitat and provide them with everything they need. Doing so will ensure that all of our beautiful native plants receive the pollination services they need, and even that we have delicious tomatoes and other vegetables growing in our gardens.

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